Day 93 — Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year again when there’s so much to do,  and never enough time to do any of it.  Lately,  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

As I look to the holidays and all the stress and headache that goes along with it,  I also find I’m incredibly thankful as well.   I have my health,  there’s just enough money in the bank to pay the bills this month and put enough food on the table.   And some how,  I’ll manage to squeak out Christmas.

The most important thing is I’ll be spending the holidays with family.   Today,  I’m on my way to Houston to spend some time with my daughters and their families.  

We stopped in Keller last night, where we spent an evening at a musical called ‘A Barnyard Moosical’, a highly entertaining first grade musical with farm animals singing and dancing.   My grandson played a chicken.   He was the best chicken ever, making my heart smile.

It was there,  I won a small victory.  There were homemade cookies galore,  with fruit punch.  I am proud to say I did not partake.   

At this point on my journey,  I’m not where I want to be,  but I’m inching my way there.   I’m up to 7000 steps every day consistently, with some days over 10K.  One day I actually hit 22K and believe me . . . by the time I went to bed,  I was exhausted and spent.

These days,  I’m moving more and making better food choices.  I now take my vitamins every day without fail, another big score for me.

I read a quote the other day, that one day I will claim as my own, because I believe at any age one can still be an athlete.

“Athletes don’t diet,  they exercise. ”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,
C. Rae Lane


Day 86 – Chasing my tail!


I’m back!   This has been the craziest time for me.   Not only have I been stretched for time at work and then writing  deadlines,  I’m filling in at a business, for some of our friends.

And,  on top of everything else,  I’ve been sick for a week . . .  sicker than a dog!   I don’t know what in the world I was blessed with.   A bug or just plan old worn out . . . I can tell you it was no fun.

This schedule has reeked havoc on my life, diet, and exercise.   You might  say . . . What diet?   It’s one of those times you just want to throw up your hands and say  ‘the heck with it! ‘.

Up until this,  I was rocking along pretty good.   I lost some weight,  quite a few inches and was up to two miles,  four times a week.

That now has probably proven to be a two edged sword in some respects.   On one hand, it has given me the energy and stamina to endure all of this work, but on the other hand has lowered my immune system.   Geesh!

This whole time, while I  watched my calorie count,  I still gained five pounds I didn’t need to.   Proving the point of what the experts say.   Starving yourself and lack of sleep will cause you to gain weight.   Case in point . . . Right here!

But,  I am determined.    This is a marathon,  not a sprint.

Having a daughter who has recently completed her twentieth (yikes!) Marathon,  I have watched her train.  While her feet may not be hitting the pavement every single day,  her heart is. It’s never far from her mind.   She is constantly preparing herself,  whether in her diet, her running or cross training.   She’s a example to me of what I need to be doing.

In saying that, no matter how busy I am,   this journey  is never far from my mind.   I’m faithfully taking my vitamins.   Watching what I eat and working in a walk or exercise when I can.

This crazy schedule will pass and like life,  it will be something else that will get in my way.   Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, etc . . . ETC.

Bottom line, I will move past this and be better for it.

Until next time,
C. Rae Lane

Day 74 — Keeping my eye on the prize


I love Fall!

  I love the crisp cool Autumn days.  The colors,  the smells.   It makes me feel like getting up and moving.   And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing . . . Walking.   A couple of weeks ago I  started out walking a mile and by the end of this week I’ll be up to two.  

Yea me!

I gotta tell you the first week I thought I was gonna die! I’d walk a little bit and have to stop.   I can’t believe two years ago,  when I got so sick I walked over three  miles a day,  with five miles on Saturday.   In fact,  my motto was ‘ 5K a day’. 

It’s unfathomable to me how life . . . Your health can change in an instant. 

Last week I came close to giving up.   I’d been watching what I ate,  walking . . . Just making a conscious effort, and still I couldn’t tell a thing.   I couldn’t see where I had made any progress whatsoever.   My clothes were still snug on my body.

At times I feel like this isnt me.  That I’m wearing a fat suit and at any time  I can unzip it and take it off. If only it were that easy.

But . . . I’m not giving in . . . Not giving up!   I’m keeping my eyes looking forward.   Keeping my eyes on the prize.

I will conquer this fat!  I will continue to tell myself to take it meal by meal, walk by walk . . . Moment to moment.

Until next time,
C. Rae Lane

Day 64 — Gaining inspiration from other’s


I’ve been home a week and I’m back in the saddle again.   It was easier for me  to get back in the groove this time.

Part of what helped me is while I was gone I took a step back and evaluated my progress, and where my head is at  in all of this.

The result:  I came home with a renewed attitude

I don’t know about other people,  but one of the things I try to do, whether it’s work,  writing or . . . changing my life, is look for people who inspire me.

Recently,  I’ve been following a female country artist.  She’s a lady about my age whose a wife,  mother and grandmother of nine grandkids.

Five years ago she was fifty pounds overweight,  suffered with back and knee problems. She said her best friend was a fried burrito.

This woman is a celebrity and in a financial position to throw money . . . a lot of money at her problem.   Surgery, personal trainers,  chefs to cook all of her meals for her,  but she didn’t do any of that.

She made a life changing decision.   She changed the way she ate,  and slowly started  working out.

It didn’t happen overnight, but she stayed the course and lost over fifty pounds and the good news is . . . she has kept the weight off.   She looks fabulous! 

This lady works outs, runs and guess what?   She has kept the weight off! 

More than anything, I want to be like that woman.   I want to be that lady!

Since I’ve been back from my trip, I’m much more focused, walking everyday and I have to tell you . . . I feel good.   I’ve registered for a 5K the end of this month. I may have to crawl it, but I’ll  cross that finish line.

My goal for next year is to do one a month and work up to a 10K.  I’m looking forward to putting a 10K sticker on my car.  Then on to the half marathon!

Next week is WAM ‘weigh and measure’ day, and I can’t wait!

I’m excited!  I’m proud of the new me I’m becoming

Until next time,

C Rae Lane

Day 57 — on the road again


Well,  my Babysitting duties have come to an end.   A flood of tears were shed as I left.   I hate living so far away from my kids, especially the grand babies. 

One day . . . soon, I hope that will all  change.

During our stay I had some good and bad days, but I’m steadfast in my determination to lose the weight and become more healthy.   Chasing after your grand babies will do that for you. 

While at times, I  may have gone off the path, I was at least mindful and that is a big difference for me.

I’m enthusiastic about starting fresh tomorrow and I promised myself I’ll hit the road in my running shoes and walk a mile . . . even if I have to crawl.

Until next time,
C. Rae Lane

Day 49 — Reporting For Duty

The past few day I’ve had a ton of fun. Saturday, I was able to spend time with my kids and grand kids. We missed one grand daughter, but hope to be able to catch up with her this weekend. There’s also a chance I will see my great grand daughter. The weekend left me feeling blessed.

This week I am on duty babysitting the youngest. She’s twenty months old and is as sweet and precious as can be. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play as a child and color and dance to ‘walk around the roseys, pocket full of poseys’. So much fun and great exercise too.

But . . . back to business. I wasn’t perfect in my diet this weekend, however I was more conscious of my decisions and I was back on track first thing this morning. I worked out and trust me when I say I’m getting in my steps! These little guys have a ton of energy. I’d like to bottle it up, and take it back home with me.

My daughter Jami, ran twenty miles Saturday preparing for her nineteenth marathon next month in Scranton and my daughter, Brandi has lost a lot of weight due to eating right and exercising. Talk about inspiration! If that doesn’t inspire someone, I don’t know what will.

Until next time,

C. Rae Lane

Day 44 — Bullseye


Today was my WAM day.   ‘Weigh and measure’.  I am so pumped!  I feel like I hit the bullseye this time.  Since I’ve started on this little adventure I’ve lost 12 pounds and 11 inches.

I read a story last week that really encouraged and helped me to get my head on straight.

A man was driving through the countryside and he came across a barn with 25 bullseyes on the side of it. Curious he stopped.   Each bullseye had a perfect shot in the center.   As he was walking around the barn,  admiring it . . . a farmer walked out.
The man asked, “Is this your barn? ”
Farmer:  Yes
Man:  And . . . The bullseyes?
Farmer:  Mine too.
Man:  I’m impressed.   You’re a great shot!
Farmer:  No, I’m just a good painter

You could apply that story to a lot of situations,  but I thought of it as this . . . up until then I had been going through my days doing a little of this and a little of that, never fully committing myself.   Oh sure,  I was cutting back a little on what I ate here, exercising some and saying all of the right things.

I was like the farmer.   Shooting at the barn with no bullseye in sight.  I always shot first and then painted the bullseye,  the outcome I desired around it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was like that,  but unfortunately it’s not.

I wondered what would happen if I actually aimed at a target.

  l began painting a mental picture. One for everyday and I began aiming at that bullseye.  

At first, I hit the outer rings, but each day my aim was getting better and better.  The proof is in my WAM results.

Until next time,
C. Rae Lane

Day 37 — My new BFF



Well . . .  it’s Hump Day and I feel great!  Staying on track, eating the right foods, and working out will do that to you.  Makes me wonder why I put myself through all of the misery.   When I fall off the wagon . . . so to speak, I always wind up feeling crummy.  Why is it as humans we can’t seem to learn? 

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my newest weight loss gadget, the latest in fitness jewelry.  

I call it Bernie.  Bernie is good about keeping up with me . . .  counting my steps.  Right off the bat, he recommended 10,000 steps.  I decided to start out at 5,000 which was a good thing because most days I only did about 3,000.  This week I’m up to 6,000 and most days I go over that.  Next week, I’ll go for 6500.  It’s making me think maybe I will shoot for a 5K in a couple of months.  

Bernie keeps up with my calorie counts . . .  when I actually do enter the foods I eat.  Lol!  I am now much better about it, so he keeps up with what I put in my mouth. 

He sleeps with me and tells me how I’m doing . . . sleep that is.  Surprisingly, I’ve found I don’t sleep very well.  I’m in bed in plenty of time, but I don’t sleep the whole night. For instance, I may be in bed for seven hours, but I may actually only sleep five or six hours, with only three or four of that in deep sleep.  He tells me I wake up four or five times a night.  

This was hard for me to believe, so I experimented by letting Bernie sleep with my husband. That sounds kind of funny, anyway . . . they did and it showed that while he may come to bed later than me, he actually has a deeper sleep than I do.  No wonder some days I wake up exhausted! 

And . . . Bernie is a busy body.  Take for instance, this morning he left me a message that said, “Recently, you’ve been going to bed late, so get in bed by 11:09pm tonight?”  Seriously dude!  

He comes up with strange stuff like, ‘A student survey where students were asked to write about love or jealousy, then drink water.  Those drunk on love thought that plain water tasted sweet.’, and did you know the typical woman sleeps with two pillows, while the typical man sleeps with one? 

He does have some pretty good advice on food and exercise, plus he offers up Pearls of Wisdom like ‘Fall down seven times and stand up eight.’, and ‘It’s never too late. Get up and start again.  Today is a new day.‘ 

All in all, Bernie has been a good thing, he’s my new BFF.  He has held me accountable, and just having him with me has made me more aware of my activities.  This may be the first weight loss gadget that was worth the money.  

Also . . . before I forget . . . Friday I am giving away my book ‘Rose Field’ for free on Amazon.  It’s a sweet story about love, baseball and second chances.  You can download it Friday at:

Until next time, 

C. Rae Lane

Day 33 – Lessons in Nature

fuzzy worm funny


After having to come face to face with my disappointing results on the WAM (Weight and Measure) day, I have since pulled myself together and carried on.

 Keeping myself encouraged and motivated is an issue I constantly battle.  It is a minute by minute, hour by hour, and day to day struggle. 

 Recently, I witnessed two things that have helped me tremendously.  It’s amazing how little things in nature can teach you a life lesson.

 Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and while walking in I encountered a small black bird with one leg.  One look, my heart went out to this little guy.  Thoughts ran through my mind wondering what happened to him.  Was he born with a birth defect, or had he encountered a cat, escaping with his life?  He hopped around, picking up crumbs.  I went on into the store and didn’t really pay him another mind. 

 On my way out, there he was again.  Hopping around . . . picking up crumbs.  He didn’t seem to be bothered by the shoppers.  He just continued on . . . hopping . . . picking up crumbs.

 Today, we had an extremely windy day.  Nothing unusual for a day in the Texas Panhandle. It had to be blowing 35 to 40 mph or better.  As I was walking into the dry cleaners, I came across another one of nature’s tiny creatures.  It was a plump fuzzy worm, crawling along the sidewalk.  Every gust of wind sent him tumbling backwards. 

 I watched as this tiny furry creature struggled to roll himself over, and wondered how I could help, without squashing him.  I couldn’t imagine how this little guy could possibly make it in these treacherous conditions. 

 Later, I came out of the cleaners, to find the little worm was on his feet, still making his way, and had progressed a couple of feet while I was gone.  Amazed, I stopped and watched the tiny worm as it was blown away, setting him back a couple of inches.  Once again, it rolled itself over and began to crawl. 

 As I think about the one legged bird and the fuzzy little worm, I thought about what they had in common.  One word came to mind.  Persistence.

 The bird kept hopping around, and picking up crumbs . . .  all to survive.  No matter what obstacles came, he didn’t let anything get in his way. 

 The fuzzy worm continued to make its way to its destination, no matter how treacherous the environment.  When the winds of change blew, he continued moving towards his goal.  Never wavering.

Persistence.  Isn’t it funny how the simple things in everyday life can lift and inspire you?.

 Until next time,

 C. Rae Lane

Day 29 — Bummed Out!

bummed out

All right . . . I now have four weeks in the books, but to tell you the truth, I’m a little bummed out.  I’m discouraged and wondering why I’m putting myself through all of this torture. 

 Today was WAM day.  ‘Weigh and measure.’  I lost a pound and a half, and two and three quarter inches. 

 On the pound side, I was really hoping to lose more, but at least the tape measure moved in the right direction, bringing the grand total up to eight and a quarter inches lost. 

 I’m pretty sad about the weight loss, but at least I can see I’m making some progress.  I’m shrinking.  That’s why I love taking measurements.

 Even though I was sicker than a dog last week, I still managed to work out two days.  The week before, I was on a roll.  I swam twice, walked one day and worked out three times.  I was going gang busters until I got sick.  Now, I’m feeling much better, and I will hit it harder this week.

Right now, I’m in the process of picking myself up and nursing my wounded feelings.  I am determined to not give up.  I may give in and slip up every once in a while, but for so many reasons I want . . . I need to succeed. 

 After analyzing the past few weeks, I have seen some positive results.  The hunger demons aren’t hanging around and torturing me anymore.  Most of the cravings are not because of withdrawals, they have more to do with boredom.  Something to do.  Instead of doing something else, I would choose to eat something.  I have to get a better handle on that.

My clothing is getting looser.  While the scales aren’t showing it yet, the measuring tape and my clothes are.

 My energy level is soaring and the bouts of feeling low and lethargic are all but gone.

 While, I may have a few reasons why I think I should give up, I have hundreds as to why I should stay in the game.  So, I think I’ll be hanging around for a little while longer.

 Until next time,

C. Rae Lane